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Hardboiled: Quiz


Question 1: Bomb Built in Hell the complete first novel by ________
Child abuseCharacter (arts)Andrew VachssChild sexual abuse

Question 2:
What role did Ole M. Ness play in the movie Hardboiled?
Kyle Stannard
Warren Kennedy

Question 3:
Who played Warren Kennedy the movie Hardboiled?
Ole M. Ness
Donald Reed
Ole M. Ness
Bob Sinclair

Question 4:
Who played Kyle Stannard the movie Hardboiled?
Donald Reed
Ole M. Ness
Donald Reed
Bob Sinclair

Question 5:
Who played Jerry the movie Hardboiled?
Donald Reed
Tom O'Grady
Ole M. Ness
Tom O'Grady

Question 6: "The Case of the Four and Twenty Blackbirds" hardboiled pastiche by ________
Neil GaimanNeil Gaiman bibliographyThe Sandman (Vertigo)American Gods

Question 7: The Roman Noir In Post-War French Culture, ________, ISBN 0-19-924609-2
Oxford University PressJohn Fell (clergyman)LondonUnited Kingdom

Question 8: Of latter-day hardboiled novelists who regularly feature detective protagonists, the most prominent to write in an unmistakably noir mode is ________.
L.A. ConfidentialThe Cold Six ThousandJames EllroyAmerican Tabloid

Question 9: The five novels featuring dipso detective Bill Crane written by Jonathan Latimer over the course of the 1930s constitute the first literary series of hardboiled ________.
James Stewart (actor)Screwball comedy filmCary GrantClaudette Colbert

Question 10: From its earliest days, hardboiled fiction was published in and closely associated with so-called ________, most famously Black Mask.
Amazing StoriesPulp magazineRobert E. HowardScience fiction magazine

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