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Haptic technology: Quiz


Question 1: Touching is not limited to a feeling, but it allows ________ in real-time with virtual objects.
Information scienceUser interfaceInteractivityHuman–computer interaction

Question 2: Handset manufacturers like LG and ________ are including different types of haptic technologies in their devices.
BoeingCaterpillar Inc.MotorolaSears Holdings Corporation

Question 3: Thus, haptics are commonly used in virtual arts, such as sound synthesis or graphic design/________.
Traditional animationAnimationStop motionAnimated cartoon

Question 4: The feedback allows the user to interact with a ________ and receive tactile response as if the holographic object were real.
High dynamic range imagingHolographyRGB color modelPhotography

Question 5: Some simple haptic devices are common in the form of ________, in particular of joysticks and steering wheels.
Game controllerWii RemoteMouse (computing)Guitar Hero

Question 6: Such systems tend to be "one-way" in that forces applied ________ to the control surfaces are not perceived at the controls, with the missing normal forces simulated with springs and weights.
Bernoulli's principleAerodynamicsFluid dynamicsNavier–Stokes equations

Question 7: The research uses ________ waves to create a phenomenon called acoustic radiation pressure, which provides tactile feedback as users interact with the holographic object.
UltrasoundLiverAcousticsMedical ultrasonography

Question 8: Haptic simulators are currently used in medical simulators and ________ for pilot training (2004).
Boeing 747BoeingFlight simulatorAirline

Question 9: Next generation haptic actuator technologies include Electroactive Polymers, Piezoelectric, and ________ surface actuation.
Lorentz forceElectric chargeElectrostaticsMaxwell's equations

Question 10: One of the earliest forms of haptic devices is used in large modern ________ that use servomechanism systems to operate control systems.
Wide-body aircraftDouble-deck aircraftBusiness jetAircraft


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