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Question 1: The Happy Human (originally the Happy Man) is a secular icon and the official symbol of the ________ (IHEU), a world body for Humanism, and has been adopted by many Humanist organisations and individuals worldwide.
International Humanist and Ethical UnionAtheismHuman rightsAmsterdam Declaration

Question 2: Renaissance humanism
Humanism in France
Humanist Manifesto
NurembergProtestant ReformationCologneHumanism in Germany

Question 3: International Humanist
and Ethical Union (IHEU)

American Humanist Association
National Secular Society
British Humanist AssociationHumanismSecular humanismGay and Lesbian Humanist Association

Question 4: The trademark is still held by the ________, which freely licenses use of the symbol by bona fide Humanist organisations worldwide.
National Secular SocietyGay and Lesbian Humanist AssociationSecular humanismBritish Humanist Association

Question 5: Its origin was a competition organised in 1965 by the ________ to find a symbol for itself.
Gay and Lesbian Humanist AssociationBritish Humanist AssociationNational Secular SocietySecular humanism

Question 6: ________
Marxist humanism
Deistic humanism
Cosmic humanism
Existential humanism
Integral humanism
Outline of humanism
List of humanists
AtheismGnosticismEthical CultureTheology


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