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Haplotype: Quiz


Question 1: In a second meaning, haplotype is a set of ________ (SNPs) on a single chromatid that are statistically associated.
GeneticsSingle-nucleotide polymorphismRNADNA

Question 2: For example, consider a diploid organism and two bi-allelic loci on the same chromosome such as ________ (SNPs).
RNASingle-nucleotide polymorphismIntroduction to geneticsDNA

Question 3: Haploview[4] — Visualisation of ________, haplotype estimation and haplotype tagging (Homepage).
Natural selectionLinkage disequilibriumHardy–Weinberg principlePopulation genetics

Question 4: For individuals that are homozygous at one or both loci, it is clear what the haplotypes are; it is only when an individual is heterozygous at both loci that the gametic phase is ________.
AmbiguityBegging the questionFallacyAristotle

Question 5: Such information is very valuable for investigating the genetics behind common diseases, and has been investigated in the human species by the ________.
Polymorphism (biology)International HapMap Project1000 Genomes ProjectHuman genetic variation

Question 6: These models are combined with optimization algorithms such as ________ (EM), Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC), or hidden Markov models (HMM).
Expectation-maximization algorithmLikelihood functionPer Martin-LöfSufficient statistic

Question 7: Unique-event polymorphisms (UEPs) like SNPs represent ________.
Haplogroup FHaplogroupParagroupGenealogical DNA test

Question 8: In genetics, a haplotype (from the Greek: ἁπλοῦς, haploûs, "onefold, single, simple") is a combination of alleles at multiple loci that are transmitted together on the same ________.
Chromosomal translocationChromosomeAutosomeKaryotype


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