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Haplogroup R1b (Y-DNA): Quiz


Question 1: Results from studies with small ________ should be treated with caution until more thorough testing is completed.
Randomized controlled trialReplication (statistics)Sample sizeMultiple comparisons

Question 2: [1] The M335 marker was first published in 2004, when one example was discovered in ________, which was classified at that time as R1b4.
CroatiaCyprusTurkeyTurkish people

Question 3: Spread of R1b, from the Genographic Project, ________
National Geographic SocietyCanadian GeographicGeographical (magazine)National Geographic (magazine)

Question 4: New Guinea, Melanesia, eastern ________, and Polynesia.

Question 5: Haplogroup R1b is now identified by the presence of the single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) ________ M343, which was discovered in 2004.
SpeciationPopulation geneticsEvolutionMutation

Question 6: Towards North-Eastern Europe the concentration goes down to 8.2% in ________ and 7.2% in Russia.

Question 7: [40] Although sample sizes are relatively small, it appears to reach a maximum in Alpine ________ and Switzerland.

Question 8: The alternative way of naming ________ is to refer to the mutations used to define and identify them.
HaplogroupParagroupGenealogical DNA testHaplogroup F

Question 9: Mainly found in North Asia and northeastern ________.
Eastern EuropeEuropeWestern EuropeBalkans

Question 10: [18] Haplogroup R1b1b2-M269 has been found in approximately 11% of a sample of Newars in ________.

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