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Hanukkah: Quiz


Question 1: The weekly Torah portion for the first Sabbath is almost always ________, telling of Joseph's dream and his enslavement in Egypt.
VayechiMiketzShemot (parsha)Vayeira

Question 2: [9] It was published for the first time in ________ in 1557.

Question 3: According to a Talmudic story[1] and 2 Maccabees, a Jewish woman named Hannah and her seven sons were tortured and executed by Antiochus for refusing to eat ________, which would have been a violation of Jewish law.
Taboo food and drinkPorkMeatApple

Question 4: The first states: "For eight days they celebrated the rededication of the ________.
Gospel (liturgy)BishopAltarAltar cloth

Question 5: An addition is made to the "hoda'ah" (thanksgiving) benediction in the ________, called Al ha-Nissim ("On/about the Miracles").
JudaismYom KippurJewish servicesAmidah

Question 6:
What is Hanukkah's nickname?
Festival of Arsalon
Festival State
Festival of Lights, Festival of Dedication
English: "Festival of Weeks"

Question 7: Some modern scholars argue that the king was in fact intervening in an internal ________ between the traditionalist Jews in the country and the Hellenized Jews in Jerusalem.
Civil warNaval warfareMilitary historyChemical warfare

Question 8: 139 BCE: The ________ recognizes Jewish autonomy.
Roman KingdomRoman SenateRoman MagistratesAncient Rome

Question 9: ________Mardi GrasMemorial DayMischief NightMother's DayNew Year's DayNew Year's Eve
Martin Luther King, Jr. National MemorialMartin Luther King, Jr. DayMartin Luther King, Jr., National Historic SiteCoretta Scott King

Question 10:
What type is thing is Hanukkah?
Jewish festival
Box set

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