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Question 1: In 1947 von Ohain was brought to the United States by ________ and went to work for the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.
MittelwerkWernher von BraunArthur RudolphOperation Paperclip

Question 2: Born in Dessau, Germany, he earned a Ph.D. in Physics and ________ from the University of Göttingen, then one of the major centers for aeronautical research.
Fluid dynamicsNavier‚ÄďStokes equationsAerodynamicsBernoulli's principle

Question 3: After the war, he met his British counterpart, ________, and the two became good friends.
Frank WhittleGloster MeteorRolls-Royce WellandStanley Hooker

Question 4: Heinkel was so impressed by the concept that he had brought on Adolph M√ľller from Junkers, who was developing an ________-powered design, renamed as the Heinkel HeS 30.
TurbofanAxial compressorCombustorTurbojet

Question 5: It was intended to install the engine on the ________ fighter, but the airframe development progressed much more smoothly than the engine, and had to be used in gliding tests while work on the engine continued.
Heinkel He 111Heinkel He 219Heinkel He 280Heinkel He 162

Question 6: M√ľller had left Junkers after they purchased the Junkers Motoren company, who had their own project under way, which by this time was known as the ________.
BMW 003Tumansky R-25Junkers Jumo 004Tumansky R-13

Question 7: Although none of his designs entered production, his contributions to the development of the jet engine in ________ are invaluable.

Question 8: He retired from Wright-Patterson in 1979 and took up an associate professor position at the nearby ________.
Xavier University (Cincinnati)Cedarville UniversityBowling Green State UniversityUniversity of Dayton

Question 9: The 3b first ran July 1939 (some references say May), and was air-tested under the Heinkel He 118 ________ prototype.
Dive bomberJunkers Ju 87SBD DauntlessFighter aircraft

Question 10: ________, who patented in 1930 in the United Kingdom, and Hans von Ohain, who patented in 1936 in Germany, developed the concept independently during the late 1930s.
Gloster MeteorFrank WhittleRolls-Royce WellandStanley Hooker


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