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Hans-Dietrich Genscher: Quiz


Question 1: He joined the ________, which was obligatory to all German youth from 1936 on, and was drafted to serve as a member of the Air Force Support Personnel (Luftwaffenhelfer) at the age of 16.
Nazi PartyNeo-NazismHitler YouthNazism

Question 2: Genscher's popularity with ________ declined further when he endorsed the handing over of the three captured hijackers to the Palestinians following the hijacking of a Lufthansa plane on October 29, 1972.
GreeceIsraelArmeniaUnited States

Question 3: In 1991, Genscher raced to recognize the Republic of Croatia in the ________ shortly after the Serbian attack on Vukovar.
Bosnian WarCroatian War of IndependenceYugoslav WarsOperation Storm

Question 4: Genscher was born at Reideburg (Province of Saxony), now a part of Halle, in what later became ________.
Communist RomaniaEast GermanyCommunist stateSoviet Union

Question 5: He argued that Pope Benedict XVI is making a habit of offending non-________.
Pope John Paul IICatholic ChurchPope Paul VIPope Gregory I

Question 6: He participated in Wenck's link up with the remnants of Colonel General (Generaloberst) ________'s 9th Army.
Theodor BusseWalther WenckRudolf HolsteHelmuth Weidling

Question 7: According to Genscher's statements, this happened through a collective application in his ________ unit and against his own intentions.
Eastern Front (World War II)WehrmachtAlbert KesselringAdolf Hitler

Question 8: he expressed public concern at the lifting of the bishops of the ________.
CarthusianDominican OrderSociety of St. Pius XSociety of Jesus

Question 9: In the SPD-FDP coalition, he helped shape Brandt's policy of deescalation with the communist East, commonly known as Ostpolitik, which was continued under ________ after Brandt's resignation in 1974.
Helmut KohlKonrad AdenauerHelmut SchmidtWilly Brandt

Question 10: In 1988, he was awarded the Prize For Freedom of the ________.
European Liberal Democrat and Reform PartyAfrica Liberal NetworkPeople's Party for Freedom and DemocracyLiberal International

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