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Question 1: ________ is available which allows various different analyses of GPS tracks (e.g.
Java (programming language)Computer softwareASP.NETLinux

Question 2: Gliding pilots are able to sense the ________ forces when they first hit a thermal, but have difficulty gauging constant motion.
SpeedAccelerationEuclidean vectorKinematics

Question 3: When flying in competition or cross country, pilots often also carry maps and/or ________ units.
CompassGlobal Positioning SystemInertial navigation systemF-15 Eagle

Question 4: Hang gliding at the ________
Jim BarksdaleOpen Directory ProjectLife (magazine)Time Warner

Question 5: Other more exotic launch techniques have also been used successfully, such as ________ drops for very high altitude.
Balloon (aircraft)Hot air balloonAirshipHot air ballooning

Question 6: A ________ is a very sensitive vertical speed indicator.
Attitude indicatorGlass cockpitGlobal Positioning SystemVariometer

Question 7: In 1963, John W. Dickenson adapted the flexible wing ________ concept to create the most popular hang glider format to date.
Stall (flight)AirfoilLift (force)Wingtip device

Question 8: As a backup, pilots may carry a ________ in the harness.
United StatesParachutingParachuteAircraft

Question 9: ________ of Germany duplicated some of his contemporaries' work and greatly expanded on it from 1874.
Otto LilienthalAviation historyTriangle control frameOctave Chanute

Question 10: Most early glider designs did not ensure safe flight; the problem was that early flight pioneers did not understand the underlying principles that made a bird's ________ work.
WingWing configurationLeading edge slatsWingtip device


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