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Question 1: Simple hand puppets, especially popular licensed characters, are sometimes distributed as children's ________ or party favors.
Mechanical puzzlePuzzleDollToy

Question 2: A hand puppet (not to be confused with a glove puppet) is a type of ________ that is controlled by the hand or hands that occupies the interior of the puppet.
Czech RepublicMarionettePuppetPuppeteer

Question 3: This mimics the way the ________ mouth works.
Human evolutionHumanHomoMind

Question 4: This is to the manner in which the puppet's mouth opens and closes in order to appear to form words or sounds, similar to ________.
Music videoFilmLip syncAudio to video synchronization

Question 5: a hard ________, but are more often flexible, made from fabric, possibly with some stuffing and attached decorations for eyes, nose, and so on.
Polyvinyl chloridePlasticPolystyrenePolycarbonate

Question 6: Dubska, Alice; Jan Novak, Nina Malikova, Marie Zdenkova (________).

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