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Question 1: ________, includes a discussion of the differences between horses and ponies
Glossary of equestrian termsList of horse breedsArabian horseAndalusian horse

Question 2: A ________ is either shorter than 9.2 or 8.2 hh, depending on the registry.
Shetland ponyMiniature horseWelsh PonyFalabella

Question 3: However, breed characteristics also play a role in defining animals as horses or ponies, particularly in breeds that may have some ________ representatives on both sides of the 14.2 divide.
Breed registryDomesticationHorse breedingPurebred

Question 4: ________, includes discussion of when height alone may not define an animal as a horse or a pony.
ThoroughbredPonyArabian horseWelsh Pony

Question 5: In the United States, ponies in ________ competition, particularly for hunter/jumper classes, are sometimes further subdivided into sections, depending on height:
English ridingEquestrianismHorse showArabian horse

Question 6: A hand (or handbreadth) is a ________ of length equal to 101.6 millimetres (4 in).
Units of measurementMetric systemSystems of measurementConversion of units

Question 7: In some nations, such as ________, the cutoff is defined at 14.0 hands (56 inches, 142 cm)
BarbadosAustraliaCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 8: Today the hand is primarily used to describe the height of horses, ponies, and other equines in a number of different countries, including the USA, Canada, ________, and the UK.

Question 9: In this context, one hand equals four ________ (10.16 cm), and the horse is measured from the ground to the top of the withers.
United States customary unitsYardFoot (length)Inch

Question 10: In the ________ much official measurement of horses is overseen by the Joint Measurement Board (JMB).
EnglandCanadaWalesUnited Kingdom


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