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Hamstring: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ semitendinosis tendon is one of the tendons that can be used in the surgical procedure ACL reconstruction.
AnatomyDigestionAnatomical terms of locationEar

Question 2: In ________, the hamstrings are trained in isolation with the leg curl exercise, as well as a part of several other lower body exercises.
BodybuildingStrength trainingBodyweight exerciseSquat (exercise)

Question 3: In ________, the hamstring refers to one of the three posterior thigh muscles, or to the tendons that make up the borders of the space behind the knee.
Organ (anatomy)Human anatomyPenisRectum

Question 4: In this procedure, a piece of it is used to replace the ________ (ACL).
KneeAnterior cruciate ligamentHuman legPosterior cruciate ligament

Question 5: The word ham originally referred to the fat and muscle behind the ________.
KneeHuman legLower limbHip

Question 6: As shown in the diagram, the human hamstring occupies the ________ of the body of the femur.
DigestionAnatomyAnatomical terms of locationEar

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