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Hamdanid dynasty: Quiz


Question 1: His son Abdallah (904-929) was in turn appointed governor of Mosul in northern Iraq (906) and even governed ________ (914).

Question 2: Ali Saif al-Daula 'Sword of the State' ruled (945-967) Northern Syria from Aleppo, and became the most important opponent of the ________'s (Christian) expansion.
Byzantine IconoclasmWestern Roman EmpireRoman EmpireByzantine Empire

Question 3: His sons were installed as governors in Mosul and ________.

Question 4: They claimed to have been descended from the ancient Banu Taghlib Christian tribe of ________ Anizzah northern Arabia.
BabyloniaMesopotamiaAkkadian EmpireSumer

Question 5: His lineage still ruled in Mossul, a heavy defeat by the ________ in 979 notwithstanding, until 990.
Buyid dynastyKara KoyunluIlkhanateSassanid Empire

Question 6: The Hamdanid dynasty (Arabic: حمدانيون‎) was a Shi'a Muslim ________ dynasty of northern Iraq (Al-Jazirah) and Syria (890-1004).
Palestinian peopleEgyptArab cultureArab people

Question 7: The Hamdanid dynasty was founded by Hamdan ibn Hamdun (after whom it is named), when he was appointed governor of Mardin in SE Anatolia by the ________ Caliphs in 890.
Akkadian EmpireAbbasid CaliphateNeo-Assyrian EmpireIslamic Golden Age

Question 8: To stop the Byzantine advance,put Aleppo under the suzerainty of the Fatimids in ________, but in 1003 the Fatimids deposed the Hamdanids anyway.


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