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Hamburg S-Bahn: Quiz


Question 1: They are driven by direct current supplied via ________.
Overhead linesRailway electrification systemThird railElectric locomotive

Question 2: Together the S-Bahn, the ________, the AKN railway and the regional railway form the backbone of railway public transport in the city and the surrounding area.
Jungfernstieg stationHamburg HauptbahnhofHamburg S-BahnHamburg U-Bahn

Question 3: The railway was opened in 1918 and originally served by ________-powered trains.

Question 4: The S-Bahn was extended in 1965 along the tracks of the AKN to Eidelstedt and from there along the mainline tracks towards ________ as far as the station Elbgaustraße.

Question 5: Also in 1965, the German Railway, along with two local transport companies, founded the ________, a common tariff system for U-Bahn and bus lines.
AKN EisenbahnHamburg S-BahnHamburger VerkehrsverbundHamburger Hochbahn

Question 6: These are identical to the type 474 units, with an additional pantograph on top of the central carriage to collect 15 kV alternate current from ________.
Northeast CorridorElectric locomotiveOverhead linesTram

Question 7: Type 474 trains were initially provided with the very same colour scheme as the type DT4 trains of the ________ (white, grey, red).
Jungfernstieg stationHamburg HauptbahnhofHamburg U-BahnHamburg S-Bahn

Question 8: The term was additionally used to describe non-electric services on lines within the local suburban tariff: the steam-powered lines from Blankenese to ________, from Altona to Elmshorn, from Hamburg to Friedrichsruh and to Harburg.
PinnebergHolm, PinnebergWedelHeligoland

Question 9: This has left the ________ as the only German S-Bahn train types with an individual design.
Berlin U-BahnBerlin StadtbahnS5 (Berlin)Berlin S-Bahn

Question 10: The line was electrified with overhead lines supplying ________ with a voltage of 6.6 kV and frequency of 25 Hz.
Electric currentAlternating currentElectricityTransformer


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