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Hamamatsu: Quiz


Question 1: After becoming an assistant professor of engineering at what is now Shizuoka University in 1924, Takayanagi dedicated himself to the development of the ________.
Mechanical televisionVideoClosed captioningTelevision

Question 2: and developed the ________ widely known as "Pon-Pon".
Motorcycle historySuzukiMotorcycleMotorcycle engine

Question 3: Born in Tenryu, Honda learned auto-repair skills in ________ before opening the Hamamatsu branch of Ahto Shokai.
BeijingGreater Tokyo AreaTokyoMinato, Tokyo

Question 4: Of the 274,700 ________ working in Japan, currently 19,000 work in Hamamatsu.
Japanese BrazilianSão Paulo (state)Italian BrazilianCuritiba

Question 5: ________ stops at several stations in Sakuma area.
Iida LineKowada StationTatsuno Station (Nagano)Toyohashi Station

Question 6: The group always forms a procession in front of the house led by a person carrying a lantern and marches to the sound of flutes, Japanese drums and ________.
RototomCymbalBass drumTom-tom drum

Question 7: 1926 - ________ Hamamatsu Air Base opens
Shōwa periodImperial General HeadquartersImperial Japanese NavyImperial Japanese Army

Question 8: During the ________, Hamamatsu Castle was the home of future Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu.
Oda NobunagaEmperor ŌgimachiToyotomi HideyoshiSengoku period

Question 9: Hamamatsu flourished during the ________ under a succession of daimyo rulers as a castle town, and as a post town on the Tōkaidō.
BakumatsuTokugawa shogunateEdo periodTokugawa Yoshinobu

Question 10: It is roughly bordered by Lake Hamana to the west, the Tenryū River to the east, and the ________ to the south.
Pacific OceanAtlantic OceanIndian OceanArctic Ocean


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