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Question 1: The group of halogens is the only periodic table group which contains elements in all three familiar states of matter at ________.
Pressure measurementGas constantAtmosphere (unit)Standard conditions for temperature and pressure

Question 2: The undiscovered element 117, provisionally referred to by the systematic name ________, may also be a halogen.

Question 3: Iodine is needed in trace amounts for the production of ________ hormones such as thyroxine.
Endocrine systemThyroidTesticleAdrenal gland

Question 4: Both chlorine and bromine are used as ________ for drinking water, swimming pools, fresh wounds, spas, dishes, and surfaces.
DisinfectantSodium hypochloriteAntisepticHydrogen peroxide

Question 5: ________, which is produced from chlorine, is the active ingredient of most fabric bleaches and chlorine-derived bleaches are used in the production of some paper products.
Sodium hydroxideEthanolSodium hypochloriteSodium nitrite

Question 6: [6] However, iodine will form an aqueous solution in the presence of iodide ion, such as by addition of ________ (KI), because the triiodide ion is formed.
Potassium iodideSodium thiosulfateSalicylic acidPotassium permanganate

Question 7: Fluorine reacts vigorously with water to produce ________ (O2) and hydrogen fluoride (HF):[3]

Question 8: [2] Consequently, halogen atoms are used to improve penetration through ________ and tissues.
MetabolismLipid bilayerLipid bilayer fusionCell membrane

Question 9: [4] Dissolved chlorine reacts to form hydrochloric acid (HCl) and hypochlorous acid, a solution that can be used as a disinfectant or ________:
Hydrogen peroxideOzoneBleachAmmonia

Question 10: They kill ________ and other potentially harmful microorganisms through a process known as sterilization.
Gram-positive bacteriaCorynebacteriumGram-negative bacteriaBacteria


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