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Question 1: After her car breaks down, Liz is forced to stay overnight in the ________ of Hope while the local mechanic orders a replacement part.
CityIndependent cityBoroughTown

Question 2: It went ________ and was first aired on SCI FI Channel in the USA.
Direct-to-videoOriginal video animationBlu-ray DiscFuturama

Question 3: She takes refuge with the town's preacher, but, when she finds a ________ explaining the scarecrow's origin and nature, she discovers that the preacher is the leader of the townspeople, who worship the spirit that dwells inside the scarecrow.

Question 4: However, when he tears himself from the cross, speaks to her in a demonic voice, and she sees a nail through his ________, Sabrina runs to Liz.
ForearmHandUpper limbArm

Question 5: As she awaits her order, a blonde takes the seat opposite Liz, introducing herself as Sarah Austin (________), a reporter for a tabloid newspaper.
Xena: Warrior PrincessOhioCSI: Crime Scene InvestigationHudson Leick

Question 6: Her ________ were killed by the scarecrow, but she escaped and hid.
ParentNuclear familyParentingAdoption

Question 7: She is in town to investigate legends of living scarecrows--men, women, and children who have been nailed to crosses in a ________ to frighten away the crows.

Question 8: When the clergyman tries to have sex with her, she smothers him with a ________ and escapes through the window in the bedroom's rear wall.

Question 9: Looking under the hood, she sees that the ________ has been removed.
Jet engineStirling engineEngineDiesel engine

Question 10: They then enter the cornfield itself, where Sarah takes more pictures of a scarecrow that she and Liz construct and hang on a ________, intending to use the photograph for the newspaper's front page.
ChristianityPope John Paul IICrossFlags with crosses


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