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Question 1: Since the fall of the autonomous Jewish communities of ________, the other punishments have also fallen by the wayside.
Western EuropeBalkansEuropeEastern Europe

Question 2: ________, Halakhic Man, Jewish Publication Society trans.
Yeshiva UniversityAhron SoloveichikJoseph B. SoloveitchikAharon Lichtenstein

Question 3: The Torah and the ________ are not formal codes of law: they are sources of law.
MidrashJewish philosophyRabbinic literatureTalmud

Question 4: The works of Rabbi ________ ("Rema"; Kraków, Poland, 1525 to 1572).
HalakhaShulchan AruchTalmudMoses Isserles

Question 5: blowing the shofar on ________, or taking the lulav and etrog on Shabbat.
Jewish holidayShabbatPassoverHebrew calendar

Question 6: 752), discusses over 190 ________ — exploring and addressing various questions on these.
Jewish holidayUpsherinMitzvahTzitzit

Question 7: One of these set of rules is found in the ________, from the "Introduction to Sifra" by Ishmael ben Elisha, c.
Jewish servicesKabbalahSiddurJudaism

Question 8: The Tannaim (literally the "repeaters") are the sages of the ________ (0–200)
ToseftaTalmudMinor tractateMishnah

Question 9: This was part of the basis for ________'s relationship with Ahasuerus.
Job (Biblical figure)DanielEstherMordecai

Question 10: ________ regards the violation of the commandments, the mitzvot, to be a sin.

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