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Hair conditioner: Quiz


Question 1: The surface of keratin contains negatively-charged ________.
MetabolismL-DOPAAmino acidAmino acid synthesis

Question 2: Hair conditioner is a hair care product that alters the texture and appearance of human ________.
Human skinHairAbdominal hairBreast

Question 3: These natural products are still used today, including essential oils such as ________ and carrier oils such as jojoba oil.
ClotrimazoleAmphotericin BTea tree oilSalicylic acid

Question 4: Organic acids such as ________ are usually used to maintain acidity.
Citric acidCarbon dioxideEthanolAcetic acid

Question 5: ________ - Hair consists of approximately 97% of a protein called keratin.
SurfactantAmphiphilePerfluorooctanoic acidSodium lauryl sulfate

Question 6: ________, such as fatty alcohols, panthenol, dimethicone, etc
Motor oilOil additiveLubricantDiesel fuel

Question 7: Sequestrants, for better function in ________.
Hard waterWater purificationCalciumCalcium carbonate

Question 8: Their molecules have a tendency to crystallize easily, giving the conditioner higher ________, and they tend to form thicker layers on the hair surface.
Fluid dynamicsViscositySurface tensionRheology

Question 9: Hair conditioners therefore usually contain cationic ________, which don't wash out completely, because their hydrophilic ends strongly bind to keratin.
Sodium lauryl sulfatePerfluorooctanoic acidAmphiphileSurfactant

Question 10: Oils (EFAs - ________), which can help dry/porous hair become more soft and pliable.
LipidEssential fatty acidEicosanoidOmega-3 fatty acid

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