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Question 1: He produced a series of works on ________, haiku, senryū, and on other forms of Japanese and Asian literature.
BuddhismZenGuan YinPure Land Buddhism

Question 2: Like the Japanese ________ world in general at that time, Shiki was strongly influenced by Western culture.
Anti-intellectualismIntellectualMarxismSocial sciences

Question 3: The city of ________ has more than two hundred kuhi.
HiroshimaMatsuyama, EhimeKitakyūshūTokyo

Question 4: Bashō was deified by both the imperial government and ________ religious headquarters one hundred years after his death because he raised the haikai genre from a playful game of wit to sublime poetry.
East Asian religionsReligion and homosexualityShintoReligion

Question 5: In Japanese, haiku are traditionally printed in a single vertical line, while ________ usually appear in three lines, to parallel the three metrical phrases of Japanese haiku.
KigoBeat GenerationReginald Horace BlythHaiku in English

Question 6: In the early 20th century Nobel laureate ________ composed haiku in Bengali.
Visva-Bharati UniversitySwami VivekanandaNastanirhRabindranath Tagore

Question 7: Most writers of literary ________ use about ten to fourteen syllables, with no formal pattern.
Haiku in EnglishKigoReginald Horace BlythBeat Generation

Question 8: World Kigo Database An ample database of season words (________) for haiku writing
Japanese New YearWaka (poetry)Japanese poetryKigo

Question 9: Hokku is the opening stanza of an orthodox collaborative linked poem, or ________, and of its later derivative, renku (or haikai no renga).

Question 10: [14] His best-known book, ________, or Narrow Roads to the Interior, is counted as one of the classics of Japanese literature[15] and has been translated into English extensively.
PoetryMatsuo BashōOku no HosomichiHaibun

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