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Question 1: The next sultan Bayezid II built a new ________, replacing the one built by his father.
MinaretTaqiyah (cap)Arabic literatureEid ul-Fitr

Question 2: Many of these items were shipped to Venice, whose Doge, ________, had organized the invasion and sack of Constantinople.
Reniero ZenoEnrico DandoloAgnello ParticipazioGiovanni Dolfin

Question 3: Large stones were brought from far-away quarries: porphyry from Egypt, green marble from Thessaly, black stone from the ________ region, and yellow stone from Syria.

Question 4: ________
Conversion of non-Muslim places of worship into mosquesMuslim historyShia IslamIslam

Question 5: ________ was crowned emperor on 16 May 1204 in Hagia Sophia, at a ceremony which closely followed Byzantine practices.
Henry of FlandersBaldwin II of ConstantinopleBaldwin I of ConstantinopleLatin Empire

Question 6:

Question 7:
What type is thing is Hagia Sophia?
Museum/Eastern Orthodox Church/ Imperial Mosque

Question 8: On her right side stands emperor ________, represented in a garb embellished with precious stones.
Andronikos I KomnenosJohn II KomnenosAlexios I KomnenosManuel I Komnenos

Question 9: On her right side stands emperor ________, offering a model of the Hagia Sophia.
Manuel I KomnenosJustinian IConstantine IBasiliscus

Question 10:
Where is Hagia Sophia?
Istanbul, Turkey
near Van, Turkey
Adana, Turkey
600 Evler Town, Tokat Turkey


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