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Hagakure: Quiz


Question 1: Hagakure (Kyūjitai: 葉隱; ________: 葉隠; meaning In the shadow the Leaves or hidden leaves.
Simplified Chinese charactersChinese characterShinjitaiChữ Nôm

Question 2: After his master died, Tsunetomo himself was forbidden to perform seppuku, a retainer's ritual suicide, by an edict of the ________.
BakumatsuEdo periodTokugawa shogunateTokugawa Yoshinobu

Question 3: The ________ movie Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai features the Hagakure as a central theme, and includes the book as final reference.
Stranger Than ParadiseJim JarmuschMystery Train (film)Coffee and Cigarettes

Question 4: ________ song "Ice" deals with the subject matter.
The Stranglers discographyThe StranglersJean-Jacques BurnelHugh Cornwell

Question 5: The book records Tsunetomo's views on ________, the warrior code of the samurai.
Miyamoto MusashiJapanBushidō literatureBushido

Question 6: On Hagakure, by celebrated Japanese novelist ________.
Yukio MishimaYasunari KawabataRunaway HorsesPoetry

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