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Haemophilia: Quiz


Question 1: While not a replacement for traditional treatments, preliminary scientific studies indicate that ________ and self-hypnosis can be effective at reducing bleeds and the severity of bleeds and thus the frequency of factor treatment.
Cognitive behavioral therapyPsychoanalysisHypnosisFamily therapy

Question 2: When the boys reached 6 years of age, 93% of those in the prophylaxis group and 55% of those in the episodic-therapy group had a normal index joint-structure on ________.
Functional magnetic resonance imagingMedical imagingMagnetic resonance imagingPositron emission tomography

Question 3: In early 2008, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Xyntha (________) anti-haemophilic factor, genetically engineered from the genes of Chinese hamster ovary cells.
PfizerMonsantoWyethCombined oral contraceptive pill

Question 4: As a direct result of the contamination of the blood supply in the late 1970s and early/mid 1980s with viruses such as ________ and HIV, new methods were developed in the production of clotting factor products.

Question 5: The first written account of haemophilia occurred in the second century in the ________.
Jewish philosophyMidrashRabbinic literatureTalmud

Question 6: Children with mild to moderate haemophilia may not have any signs or symptoms at birth especially if they do not undergo ________.
Religious male circumcisionCircumcision and HIVCircumcisionPenis

Question 7: However, it is possible for female carriers to become mild haemophiliacs due to ________ (inactivation) of the X chromosomes.
Gene expressionGenomic imprintingEpigeneticsX-inactivation

Question 8: His paper was the second paper to describe important characteristics of an X-linked genetic disorder (the first paper being a description of color blindness by ________ who studied his own family).
Sir George Stokes, 1st BaronetJohn DaltonAtomAtomic theory

Question 9: Joint damage, potentially with severe pain and even destruction of the joint and development of ________.

Question 10: In Russia, Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich, son of ________, was a descendant of Queen Victoria through his mother Empress Alexandra and suffered from haemophilia.
Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich of RussiaAlexander III of RussiaAlexander II of RussiaNicholas II of Russia

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