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Question 1: He exhibited sadistic tendencies from a young age, delighting in torturing animals and ________ other children.
Workplace bullyingBullyingRelational aggressionIntimidation

Question 2: As an adult, he trained as a chef at the ________ and worked in upmarket hotels, restaurants and cruise liners.
Culinary Institute of America at GreystoneMichael SymonFrench cuisineThe Culinary Institute of America

Question 3: However, his ________ often led to the termination of his employment and he would often get back at his former employers by committing acts of theft and sabotage.
SchizophreniaMental disorderPsychiatryICD-10 Chapter V: Mental and behavioural disorders

Question 4: He eventually settled in ________, where he was often homeless.

Question 5: Hadden Irving Clark (April, 1951) is an American impostor, murderer, and ________.
CannibalismCannibalism (zoology)Self-cannibalismSexual cannibalism

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