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Question 1: [5] He wrestled in independent promotions for the next three years before signing with ________.
Extreme Championship WrestlingWorld Wrestling EntertainmentWorld Championship WrestlingAmerican Wrestling Association

Question 2: A similar gimmick was later inherited by ________.
Balls MahoneyRob Van DamMick FoleyNovember to Remember

Question 3: He defeated Big Malley at ________ and Val Puccio at Heat Wave 1995.
Hardcore HeavenNovember to RememberLiving DangerouslyWrestlepalooza

Question 4: Since leaving ECW he has remained in the wrestling industry, training "The Black Nature Boy" ________ and Travis Tomko.
Professional wrestlingA.J. StylesAndrew WarnerChristopher Daniels

Question 5: A mainstay in Florida independent promotions during the 1990s, he is best known for his time in ________ from 1993 to 1996.
World Wrestling EntertainmentWorld Championship WrestlingAmerican Wrestling AssociationExtreme Championship Wrestling

Question 6: [1] At Heat Wave 1994, he teamed with Rockin' Rebel in a loss to Bad Breed (Ian and ________).
November to RememberScott LevyHardcore HomecomingAxl Rotten

Question 7: Haviland's gimmick in ECW was "The ________ of ECW", a fan favorite.
IranShahCyrus the GreatMedes

Question 8: [8][9] Meyers' final appearance in ECW was a loss to Too Cold Scorpio in a Loser Leaves Town match at ________.
Guilty as ChargedECW Heat WaveNovember to RememberHardcore Heaven

Question 9: [1] He faced ________ at Holiday Hell 1994, but was again unsuccessful in his attempt to defeat a high-profile star.
Chris JerichoBooker HuffmanChris BenoitStone Cold Steve Austin

Question 10: [7] He followed this up with a victory over Stevie Richards as well as supercard wins over Bruiser Mastino (at ________) and JT Smith (at Holiday Hell 1995).
ECW One Night Stand (2006)December to Dismember (2006)December to Dismember (1995)ECW One Night Stand (2005)

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