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Question 1: The monarchy from 1804 to 1867 is usually referred to as the "Austrian Empire" and from 1867 to 1918 as "________".
Austria–HungaryGerman EmpireOttoman EmpireHoly Roman Empire

Question 2: Also, the Second Mexican Empire, from 1863–1867, was headed by Maximilian I of Mexico, the brother of ________.
Franz Joseph II, Prince of LiechtensteinHans-Adam II, Prince of LiechtensteinPrincely Family of LiechtensteinPrince Alfred of Liechtenstein

Question 3: The Vorlande, a group of territories in Breisgau and elsewhere in southwestern Germany lost in 1797 (although the Alsatian territories (________) which had formed a part of it had been lost as early as 1648);

Question 4: Austria-Hungary collapsed under the weight of the various unsolved ethnic problems that came to a head with its defeat in ________.
World War ICaucasus CampaignWestern Front (World War I)Armenian Genocide

Question 5: The ________ (although the Bishoprics of Trent and Brixen dominated what would become the South Tyrol before 1803);
County of TyrolDuchy of StyriaDuchy of CarinthiaArchduchy of Austria

Question 6: Names of the territory that (with some exceptions) finally became ________:
Austria–HungaryHoly Roman EmpireGerman EmpireOttoman Empire

Question 7: The senior Spanish line of the Habsburgs ruled over ________ and various other territories from 1516 until it became extinct in 1700.

Question 8: ________ finally became Austrian in 1816 after Napoleonic wars (before it was ruled by prince-archbishops of Salzburg as an sovereign territory).

Question 9: Much of the area bordering the Ottoman Empire was separated out from Hungarian administration and formed into the ________, which was ruled directly from Vienna.
Slavonian Military FrontierCroatiaAustria–HungaryMilitary Frontier

Question 10: The capital was mainly Vienna, except from 1583 to 1611,[1] when the capital was ________.


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