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Haboob: Quiz


Question 1: A massive haboob is close to enveloping Al Asad Airbase, ________, just before nightfall on 27 April 2005.

Question 2: They have been observed in the Sahara desert (typically Sudan), as well as across the ________, throughout Kuwait, and in the most arid regions of Iraq.
AsiaMiddle EastWestern AsiaArabian Peninsula

Question 3: ________ era haboob approaching Spearman, Texas on 14 April 1935.
OklahomaDust BowlGreat DepressionUnited States

Question 4: In the United States, they are frequently observed in the deserts of ________, including Yuma and Phoenix.

Question 5: Haboob winds in the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq and Kuwait are frequently created by the collapse of a ________.
MeteorologySevere weatherPrecipitation (meteorology)Thunderstorm

Question 6: Haboob blowing into ________ on 22 August 2003.
Alhambra, Phoenix, ArizonaCentral City, Phoenix, ArizonaLaveen, ArizonaAhwatukee, Phoenix, Arizona

Question 7: [1] African haboobs result from the northward summer shift of the inter-tropical front into ________, bringing moisture from the Gulf of Guinea.
North AfricaEuropeMiddle EastMaghreb

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