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Habituation: Quiz


Question 1: ________, Behind the Mirror: A Search for a Natural History of Human Knowledge: on habituation
Nikolaas TinbergenKarl von FrischKonrad LorenzRenato Dulbecco

Question 2: Dishabituation is when a second stimulus is presented in unison with a primary stimulus, and may briefly increase habituated response toward the primary stimulus until an organism distinguishes, or ________ the differences between two different stimuli.
Racial segregationDiscriminationRacismAgeism

Question 3: For example, for all life forms on ________, obtaining life-sustaining matter that exists externally from those beings, such as food, water and shelter, is a habituated behavior.

Question 4: Habituation need not be conscious - for example, a short time after a human dresses in clothing, the stimulus ________ creates disappears from our nervous systems and we become unaware of it.
Dress codeClothingSilkWool


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