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Question 1: [8] To persuade Google to improve rendering in ________, for instance, they published a video montage of grimacing web developers, resulting in attention from an employee.
Google CalendarGoogle ChromeGmail interfaceGmail

Question 2: Most graphical ________ support HTML e-mail, and many default to it.
Internet Message Access ProtocolSimple Mail Transfer ProtocolIBM Lotus NotesEmail client

Question 3: It allows in-line inclusion of tables, as well as diagrams or mathematical formulae as images, which are otherwise difficult to convey (typically using ________).
UnicodeBulletin board systemComputer art sceneASCII art

Question 4: If an e-mail contains ________ (inline content from an external server, such as a picture), the server can alert a third party that the e-mail has been opened.
Web bugEmail clientKontactMozilla Thunderbird

Question 5: [1] Many of these clients include both a ________ editor for composing HTML e-mails and a rendering engine for displaying received HTML e-mails.
Graphical user interfaceX Window SystemWidget toolkitDesktop environment

Question 6: Some senders may excessively rely upon large, colorful, or distracting ________, making messages more difficult to read.
FontOpenTypeTypefaceTypographic ligature

Question 7: Some popular clients do not render consistently with W3C specifications, and many HTML e-mails are not compliant, either, which may cause rendering or delivery problems, especially for users of MSN or ________.
Internet ExplorerHotmailMicrosoft OfficeWindows Live

Question 8: Since its conception, a number of people have vocally opposed all HTML e-mail (and even ________ itself), for a variety of reasons.
Domain Name SystemMIMEInternet Message Access ProtocolSimple Mail Transfer Protocol

Question 9: The ASCII Ribbon Campaign is an internet phenomenon advocating that email should continue to be sent in Human Readable ________ text format.
ASCIIISO/IEC 8859-1Code page 437Windows-1252

Question 10: According to surveys by ________ companies, adoption of HTML-capable email clients is now nearly universal, with less than 3% reporting that they use text-only clients.
Internet marketingPay per clickDigital marketingAffiliate marketing

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