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HSL and HSV: Quiz


Question 1: ________, et al.
GVU Center at Georgia TechIvan SutherlandACM SIGGRAPHJames D. Foley

Question 2: A third model, common in ________ applications, is HSI, for hue, saturation, and intensity.
Augmented realityScale spaceMachine visionComputer vision

Question 3: For example, gamut mapping in ICC ________ is usually performed in CIELAB space, and Adobe Photoshop includes a CIELAB mode for editing images.
Color managementPortable Network GraphicsLinux color managementColorSync

Question 4: A pair of the most influential older models are Philipp Otto Runge’s 1810 Farbenkugel (color sphere), and the early-20th-century ________.
CIELUV color spaceLab color spaceMunsell color systemHSL and HSV

Question 5: They were developed in the 1970s for ________ applications, and are used for color pickers, in color-modification tools in image editing software, and less commonly for image analysis and computer vision.
Rendering (computer graphics)Computer graphics2D computer graphicsScientific visualization

Question 6: In the example below (fig. 20), the image on the left (a) is the original photograph of a ________.
Green turtleLeatherback turtleSea turtleHawksbill turtle

Question 7: Other more computationally intensive models, such as CIELAB or ________ better achieve these goals.
CIECAM02LMS color spaceLab color spaceCIELUV color space

Question 8: Both models place grays along a central vertical axis, with ________ at its bottom and white at its top, and push the most colorful colors to the edge of the cylinder.
BlackRedSilver (color)Purple

Question 9: HSL and HSV are the two most common cylindrical-coordinate representations of points in an ________, which rearrange the geometry of RGB in an attempt to be more perceptually relevant than the cartesian representation.
RGB color modelColor photographyDigital photographyDigital camera

Question 10: Luma is the weighted sum of gamma-corrected R, G, and B values, denoted Y, and used in Y′CbCr, for ________ compression and video transmission.
JPEGAudio compression (data)Portable Network GraphicsMPEG-1


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