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Question 1: Her secondary armament was increased from 4 in (100 mm) guns to 6 in (150 mm) guns, which matched the secondary batteries of the newest British ________.
Pre-dreadnought battleshipIronclad warshipBattleshipDreadnought

Question 2: With her fellow "Big Cats" Lion and Princess Royal, she was part of the British force that fought in the ________ on 24 January 1915.
Battle of Heligoland BightRaid on Scarborough, Hartlepool and WhitbyBattle of JutlandBattle of Dogger Bank (1915)

Question 3: At the ________, 31 May 1916, Tiger's performance was better.
World War INight action at the Battle of JutlandNaval warfare of World War IBattle of Jutland

Question 4: Tiger remained in service with the Royal Navy after the Armistice and survived the culling of older capital ships following the ________.
Washington Naval TreatyEssex class aircraft carrierBattleshipImperial Japanese Navy

Question 5: The key feature of the Kongō-class was that it had its main ________ all either aft or fore, eliminating the amidship turret which had a poor firing arc.
BarbetteGun turretTrench warfareFortification

Question 6: The 11th HMS Tiger was a battlecruiser of the Royal Navy, built by John Brown and Company, ________, Scotland, and launched in 1913.

Question 7: However, in January 1911, the ________ yard began building a battlecruiser for the Imperial Japanese Navy, the Kongō.
Vickers-ArmstrongsBAE SystemsVickers VC10Vickers Limited

Question 8: Tiger's last voyage was made under tow and ended at ________, where she was broken up.


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