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HMS Sovereign of the Seas: Quiz


Question 1: She was involved in all of the great English naval conflicts fought against the United Provinces and ________, referred to as 'The Golden Devil' (den Gulden Duvel) by the Dutch.
FranceItalyUnited KingdomCanada

Question 2: The money spent making her, £65,586, helped to create the financial crisis for Charles I that contributed to the ________.
English Civil WarEnglish ReformationEnglandEnglish people

Question 3: Sovereign of the Seas was ordered in August 1634 on personal initiative of ________, who desired a giant Great Ship to be built.
Charles I of EnglandJames II of EnglandCharles II of EnglandJames I of England

Question 4: The decision provoked much opposition from the Brethren of ________, who pointed out that "There is no port in the Kingdome that can harbour this shipp.
Trinity HouseIrelandNorthern IrelandUnited Kingdom

Question 5: In the time of the ________ all ships named after royalty were renamed; it was first decided to change the name of the ship into Commonwealth, but in 1650 it became a simple Sovereign.
Charles II of EnglandCommonwealth of EnglandOliver CromwellCharles I of England

Question 6: The ________ alone cost £6,691, which in those days was the price of an average warship.

Question 7: For the first time she ventured into the Irish Sea,[12] and later participated in the ________ (1690) and the Battle of La Hougue, when she was more than fifty years old.
Battle of Bantry BayNine Years' WarBattles of Barfleur and La HogueBattle of Beachy Head (1690)

Question 8: [9] The ship had not seen action during the Civil War and first fought in the ________ when she ran aground on the Kentish Knock itself.
Battle of PlymouthFirst Anglo-Dutch WarBattle of the Kentish KnockBattle of Portland

Question 9: Rear-Admiral Sir ________ noted that after the ship's launch she was "cut down" and made a safe and fast ship.
Experimental Squadron (Royal Navy)United KingdomAlexander Hood, 1st Viscount BridportWilliam Symonds

Question 10: The Dutch legal thinker ________ had argued for a mare liberum, a sea free to be used by all.
Jeremy BenthamJohn LockeHugo GrotiusGottfried Leibniz


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