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Question 1: The Voyage of the Space Beagle, a science fiction adventure by ________ loosely inspired by Darwin's voyage aboard HMS Beagle.
A. E. van VogtJohn W. CampbellIsaac AsimovLester del Rey

Question 2:
When was the HMS Beagle ordered?

Question 3:
Which of the following was HMS Beagle armed with?
6 u00D7 5 in./38 guns ,
10 guns, reduced to 6 guns for survey voyages
11 u00D7 20mm AA guns,
u2022 2 u00D7 40 mm twin AA guns;

Question 4:
When was the HMS Beagle laid down?
June 1793
June 1801
June 1818

Question 5:
When was the HMS Beagle launched?

Question 6:
What was the complement of the HMS Beagle
120 as a ship-of-war, 65 plus 9 supernumeraries on second voyage

Question 7: After completing extensive surveys in South America she returned via New Zealand, Sydney, Hobart Town (6 February 1836), to Falmouth, Cornwall, ________ on 2 October 1836.
ScotlandEnglandWalesUnited Kingdom

Question 8: Site investigations found an area of marshy ground some 15 ft (5 m) deep matching this chart position, with many fragments of ________ of the correct period.
Ceramic artStained glassPotteryCollage

Question 9: HMS Beagle was a Cherokee class 10-gun brig-sloop of the ________.
HMS Ark Royal (R07)HMS Ocean (L12)Royal NavyHMS Illustrious (R06)

Question 10: On the second survey voyage the young naturalist ________ was on board, and his work would eventually make the Beagle one of the most famous ships in history.
Charles Darwin's religious viewsEvolutionCharles Darwin's educationCharles Darwin

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