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HLA-B: Quiz


Question 1: For example, two specific versions of this gene are related to increased drug sensitivity among the ________ population.
ChinaHan ChineseZhonghua minzuReligion in China

Question 2: Hundreds of versions (alleles) of HLA-B are known, each of which is given a particular number (such as ________).

Question 3: Individuals who have HLA-B*1502 are more likely to experience a severe skin disorder called ________ in response to carbamazepine (a drug used to treat seizures).
UrticariaPsoriasisStevens–Johnson syndromeToxic epidermal necrolysis

Question 4: In humans, the HLA-B gene and two related genes, ________ and HLA-C, are the major genes in MHC class I.
Major histocompatibility complex, class II, DQ alpha 1HLA-AHLA-DRB1HLA-G

Question 5: One of the spondyloarthropathies, ________, is typically triggered by bacterial infections of the gastrointestinal or genital tract.
Reactive arthritisRheumatic feverSystemic lupus erythematosusRheumatoid arthritis

Question 6: HLA-B53 is most common in West African populations, where ________ is a frequent cause of death in children.
Plasmodium falciparumAIDSBabesiosisMalaria

Question 7: HLA is the human version of the ________ (MHC), a gene family that occurs in many species.
PhagocyteNatural killer cellImmune systemMajor histocompatibility complex

Question 8: HLA-B (major histocompatibility complex, class I, B) is a human ________ that provides instructions for making a protein that plays a critical role in the immune system.

Question 9: HLA-B is part of a family of genes called the ________ (HLA) complex.
HLA-DQB1Human leukocyte antigenMajor histocompatibility complexHLA-DR

Question 10: The HLA complex helps the immune system distinguish the body's own proteins from proteins made by foreign invaders such as viruses and ________.
CorynebacteriumBacteriaGram-positive bacteriaGram-negative bacteria

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