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HLA-A: Quiz


Question 1: HLA-A has been shown to interact with ________,[8][9] Tapasin[10] and TAP1.
CDH1 (gene)F11 receptorCD8ATNFRSF1A

Question 2: The HLA genes constitute a large subset of the ________ (MHC) of humans.
Major histocompatibility complexImmune systemPhagocyteNatural killer cell

Question 3: HLA-A is a component of certain MHC class I ________ isoforms that resides on the surface of all nucleated cells and platelets.
Transcription factorReceptor (biochemistry)Hormone receptorMembrane receptor

Question 4: For humans, as in most mammalian populations, MHC Class I molecules are extremely variable in their ________, and HLA-A is ranked among the genes in humans with the fastest evolving coding sequence.
Amino acidDisulfide bondPrimary structureProtein biosynthesis

Question 5: HLA-A are a group of ________ (HLA) that are encoded by the HLA-A locus on human chromosome 6p.
HLA-DRHLA-DQB1Major histocompatibility complexHuman leukocyte antigen


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