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Question 1: HIV tests have been criticized by ________ (a fringe group which believes that HIV either does not exist or is harmless).
AIDS denialismAIDS origins opposed to scientific consensusMoon landing conspiracy theoriesHIV and AIDS misconceptions

Question 2: ________: The test incorrectly indicates that HIV is absent in an infected person.
Statistical hypothesis testingNull hypothesisBayesian inferenceType I and type II errors

Question 3: In the Quantiplex bDNA or branched DNA test, plasma is ________ to concentrate the virus, which is then opened to release its RNA.
Laboratory centrifugeCentrifugeEnriched uraniumHigh-G training

Question 4: Antibody tests may also yield false negative results in patients with ________; other diagnostic tests should be used in such patients.
Wiskott-Aldrich syndromeX-linked severe combined immunodeficiencyX-linked agammaglobulinemiaHyper-IgM syndrome type 1

Question 5: Conducted with the ________ of the person being tested.
Duty to rescueNegligenceInformed consentFraud

Question 6: A combination of ________, antigen and nucleic acid tests are used by blood banks in Western countries.
Immune systemAntibodyAdaptive immune systemAutoantibody

Question 7: ________ specific to the p24 protein are mixed with the person's blood.
OcrelizumabMonoclonal antibodiesVisilizumabNatalizumab

Question 8: The ________ (PCR) process is then applied, using two primers unique to the virus's genome.
DNAReverse transcription polymerase chain reactionReal-time polymerase chain reactionPolymerase chain reaction

Question 9: If antibodies are detected by an initial test based on the ________ method, then a second test using the Western blot procedure determines the size of the antigens in the test kit binding to the antibodies.

Question 10: [12] ________ sequencing confirmed the source of infection in one instance.

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