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HD Radio: Quiz


Question 1: Digital information is transmitted using ________ with an audio compression algorithm called HDC with spectral band replication (SBR).
Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexingDigital radioDigital Audio BroadcastingDVB-SH

Question 2: Some European Union countries have implemented Eureka-147 ________ (DAB), with compatible radios having been available since 1999.
Digital radioDigital Audio BroadcastingDigital Radio MondialeOrthogonal frequency-division multiplexing

Question 3: ________ translators which use a separate receiver and transmitter require an HD Radio transmitter, just as does the main station.
Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexingModulationModemBaseband

Question 4: [19] Individual stations may apply for up to 10% (−10dBc) if they can prove it will not cause ________ to any other station.
Interference (wave propagation)Introduction to quantum mechanicsSchrödinger equationQuantum mechanics

Question 5: The listener can possibly turn HD reception off (to listen to the local station, or avoid random flipping between the two stations), or enjoy listening to the distant stations and trying to get a ________.
WTMJ-TVSign-offStation identificationCall sign

Question 6: (HDC is a proprietary codec based upon but incompatible with the MPEG-4 standard ________).
Advanced Audio CodingQuickTimeHigh-Efficiency Advanced Audio CodingFlash Video

Question 7: [3] Other digital radio systems include FMeXtra, ________ (Eureka 147), Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM and DRM+), and Compatible AM-Digital (CAM-D).
Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexingDVB-SHDigital Audio BroadcastingHD Radio

Question 8: The FCC has declared "one free ________ digital stream [must be] of equal or greater quality than the station’s existing analog signal".
Terrestrial televisionATSC (standards)Satellite televisionBroadcast television systems

Question 9: In 2008, ________ became the first U.S.
Vauxhall MotorsFord Motor CompanyFord FairmontFord Focus (international)

Question 10: Manufacturers have initially focused on making ________.
AutomobileCar audioAutomotive navigation systemDashboard


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