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Hồ Dynasty: Quiz


Question 1: The appearance of the Hồ family name, origin and background can be traced back to 9th century Zhejiang, which was then in the midst of the ________ struggle.
Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms PeriodTang DynastyLiao DynastyYuan Dynasty

Question 2: He was widely known for his cunning, courage, and boldness, and had distinguished himself in a successful campaign against the Chams of ________.

Question 3: Hồ Liêm, Hồ Quý Ly's great-great-grandfather, moved further south and settled in the province of Thanh Hóa (about 100 km south of the modern city of ________).

Question 4: From Zhejiang, the family migrated south until they established themselves in ________ (Vietnam).
ChinaNanyueHan DynastySong Dynasty

Question 5: After coaxing the emperor into relinquishing the throne to Prince An (a three-year-old child) he had Trần Thuận Tông imprisoned in a ________ and later executed.
PagodaBuddhist artBuddhismBodhidharma


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