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Härjedalen: Quiz


Question 1: Jämtland and Härjedalen were originally provinces of Norway, but in early 1645 they were both ceded by ________ to Sweden by the Treaty of Brömsebro.
Denmark–NorwayScandinaviaUnion between Sweden and NorwayViking

Question 2: info), is a historical province or landskap in the centre of ________.

Question 3: The name Härjedalen, from ________ Herjárdalr, literally means the "Valley of the Härje river".
Old NorseGermanic languagesOld Norse morphologyNorth Germanic languages

Question 4: A Latinized transliteration is Herdalia, although that name is hardly encountered in the ________ today.
English languageAmerican EnglishSouth AfricaCanada

Question 5: The traditional ________ serve no administrative or political purposes, but are historical and cultural entities.
Provinces of SwedenLapland (Sweden)HallandJämtland

Question 6: It borders the country of Norway as well as the provinces of ________, Hälsingland, Medelpad, and Jämtland.

Question 7: The province originally belonged to ________, but was ceded to Sweden in the Treaty of Brömsebro, 1645.
United StatesNorwayGermanyPoland


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