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Question 1: [5] The idea attracted the attention of Yuichi Murasawa, designer of ________, and the game began formal development.
Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceFinal Fantasy VFinal Fantasy VIFinal Fantasy XII

Question 2: The story was written by Kyoko Kitahara, who had previously worked on ________ with Murasawa, and the art direction was lead by Yuki Matsuzawa.
Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceFinal Fantasy VIFinal Fantasy XIIFinal Fantasy V

Question 3: While many reviewers noted its similarity to Puzzle Quest, the gameplay was still described as being "fun and addictive" by ________, and similar praises were made by IGN and Eurogamer.
GameSpotCBSLast.fmCNET Networks

Question 4: Between battles, a story is told through a series of cutscenes, while the player and the summons gain experience and power using ________ elements.
Live action role-playing gameRole-playing game termsRole-playing game (pen and paper)Role-playing game

Question 5: [4] Other candidates considered were Zuma and ________, but they were dropped as the developers felt that they did not fit in with the combat theme.
PeggleHalf-Life 2The Orange BoxPortal (video game)

Question 6: [6] It was published by Square Enix on the ________ and on the Steam platform for Windows PCs on November 18, 2009.
Xbox Live ArcadeGames for Windows – LiveXbox Live MarketplaceZune

Question 7: Gyromancer is a puzzle and role-playing video game developed by PopCap Games in collaboration with ________.
Square Enix EuropeFinal FantasySquare Co.Square Enix

Question 8: [3] ________ disagreed slightly, stating that while the game had some replay value, it was limited by the lack of depth to the RPG elements of the game.
Entertainment WeeklyNewsweekGame InformerBetter Homes and Gardens (magazine)

Question 9: [2] ________ disagreed completely with the other critics, saying that the game "looks great" and that "Even the map screen between battles has a polished appearance".
Game InformerEntertainment WeeklyNewsweekBetter Homes and Gardens (magazine)

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