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Question 1: It suffices to demonstrate this for an infinitesimally narrow circular ring within the body, as the general result follows from an ________.
DerivativeContinuous functionCalculusIntegral

Question 2: ________), it is also, at the same time, a ratio between the angular precession frequency (another gyric property) ω = 2πf and the magnetic field.
ForceRigid bodyEnergyAngular momentum

Question 3: The gyromagnetic ratio of a nucleus is particularly important because of the role it plays in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and ________ (MRI).
Positron emission tomographyMedical imagingMagnetic resonance imagingFunctional magnetic resonance imaging

Question 4: Protons, neutrons, and many nuclei carry ________, which gives rise to a gyromagnetic ratio as above.
Quantum mechanicsElectronSpin (physics)Photon

Question 5: These procedures rely on the fact that nuclear spins ________ in a magnetic field at a rate called the Larmor frequency, which is simply the product of the gyromagnetic ratio with the magnetic field strength.
ForcePrecessionGeneral relativityAxial precession (astronomy)

Question 6: For this reason, values of γ/(2π), in units of ________ per tesla (Hz/T), are often quoted instead of γ.
VoltJoulePascal (unit)Hertz

Question 7: In physics, the gyromagnetic ratio (also sometimes known as the magnetogyric ratio in other disciplines) of a particle or system is the ratio of its magnetic dipole moment to its ________, and it is often denoted by the symbol γ, gamma.
EnergyRigid bodyForceAngular momentum

Question 8: The g-factor, unlike the gyromagnetic ratio, is ________.
Reynolds numberFluid dynamicsDimensionless quantityKeulegan–Carpenter number


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