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Question 1: The more common use of gynoecium, however, is to refer to the ovule-producing part of a ________.
FruitFlowering plantSeedFlower

Question 2: The gynoecium (from ________ γυνή, gyne, meaning woman, and οἶκος, oikos, meaning house) is a term with several meanings in botanical usage.
Doric GreekAttic GreekAncient GreekAeolic Greek

Question 3: The stigma (from Ancient Greek στίγμα, stigma meaning mark, or puncture), usually found at the tip of the style, the portion of the structure that receives the ________ (male gametophytes).
PlantSeedPollenFlowering plant

Question 4: This term is pistil (from ________ pistillum meaning pestle).
Vulgar LatinRoman EmpireLatinOld Latin


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