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Gymnosperm: Quiz


Question 1:
What period does the fossils of the Gymnosperm come from?
Devonian - Recent
Lower Devonian - ? LowerCarboniferous
Early Ordovician - Devonian, possibly to Late Triassic
M Devonian

Question 2: Pinophyta (or Coniferophyta) - Conifers
Ginkgophyta - Ginkgo
Cycadophyta - Cycads
________ - Gnetum, Ephedra, Welwitschia
Flowering plantGnetophytaGymnospermPlant

Question 3: ________ are the next most abundant group of gymnosperms, with about 130 species.
PlantCycadMossFlowering plant

Question 4: Their naked condition stands in contrast to the seeds or ovules of flowering plants (________) which are enclosed during pollination.
EmbryophyteGymnospermFlowering plantFern

Question 5: Pine, fir, spruce and cedar are all examples of conifers which we use for ________.
WoodWood preservationPulp (paper)Lumber

Question 6: It is widely accepted [4] that the gymnosperms originated in the late ________ Period.
OrdovicianDevonianCarboniferousGeologic time scale

Question 7: There is conflicting evidence on the question of whether the living gymnosperms form a ________[1] although according to some recent analyses of molecular data the living gymnosperms do appear to be monophyletic.
LifeCladeComputational phylogeneticsGhost lineage

Question 8: Some other common uses for them are as soap, varnish, ________, food and perfumes.

Question 9: A short-lived multicellular ________, gamete-bearing phase (gametophyte) develops inside the spore wall.

Question 10: Early characteristics of seed plants were evident in fossil progymnosperms of the late ________ period around 380 million years ago.
Late Devonian extinctionGeologic time scaleCarboniferousDevonian

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