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Gymnasium (school): Quiz


Question 1: In Finland, gymnasiums concludes with the matriculation exam (________), an exam whose grades are the main criteria for college admissions.
AbiturGymnasium (Germany)Gymnasium (school)Germany

Question 2: Depending on country, the final degree (if any) is called ________, Artium, Diploma, Matura, Maturita or Student and it usually opens the way to professional schools directly.
Gymnasium (Germany)Gymnasium (school)AbiturGermany

Question 3: ________ (3 years, after 9 years of primary school)

Question 4: The exception is Northern Ireland and parts of England including the counties of ________, Lincolnshire and Kent which retained the system.

Question 5: ________: The equivalent among private schools is the preparatory school.
Private schoolPublic school (privately funded)Secondary educationIndependent school

Question 6: ________ (3 years, after 9 years of primary school)

Question 7: The school leaving exam of this type of school, the Fachhochschulreife, enables the graduate to start studying at a Fachhochschule (polytechnic), and in ________ also at a university within the state.
Frankfurt am MainWiesbadenGermanyHesse

Question 8: ________ (either 6 years after 6 years of primary school or 4 years after 6 years of primary school and 2–3 years of secondary school, ends with Matura)

Question 9: stx (Studentereksamen), hhx (Higher Business Examination Programme), ________ (Higher Technical Examination Programme) and hf (Higher Preparatory Examination Programme).
Higher Technical Examination Programme (HTX)ThistedHillerødAarhus

Question 10: ________ - the traditional but now discontinued gymnasium led to the completion of examen artium.
PolandGermanyNorwayUnited States


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