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Question 1: The first Turners group was formed in ________ in 1848.
ClevelandCincinnatiHamilton County, OhioColumbus, Ohio

Question 2: A public gymnasium movement sprung up in the 1820s and 1830s but was eclipsed by the growth of school, college, and the Young Men's Christian Association (________) gymnasia.
EnglandCanadaUnited StatesYMCA

Question 3: exercise) which was customarily performed naked, as well as ________, and studies.
Christian naturismSaunaNudityBathing

Question 4: Gymnasia (i.e., places for gymnastics) in ________ were an outgrowth of the Turnplatz, an outdoor area for gymnastics, promoted by German educator Friedrich Jahn and the Turners, a nineteenth-century political and gymnastic movement.

Question 5: The Turners built gymnasia in several cities like Cincinnati and St. Louis which had large ________ populations.
Italian AmericanPennsylvania DutchGerman AmericanGerman Texan

Question 6: In the ________, the Turner movement thrived in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
CanadaUnited StatesAlaskaPhilippines

Question 7: For example, a young ________ would frequent the Turner gym in New York City with his father.
Babe RuthLou GehrigJoe DiMaggioMickey Mantle

Question 8: The ________ at West Point built a gym during the same era.
United States Military AcademyUnited States Naval AcademyUnited States Merchant Marine AcademyUnited States Air Force Academy

Question 9: The later meaning of intellectual education persisted in German and other languages to denote a certain type of school providing ________, the Gymnasium, whereas in English the meaning of physical education was pertained in the word gym.
High schoolSecondary educationPrimary educationSecondary school

Question 10: The word γυμνάσιον (gymnasion) was used in ________, meaning a locality for both physical and intellectual education of young men (see gymnasium (ancient Greece)).
Classical antiquityRoman GreeceAncient GreeceAlexander the Great

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