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Gwyneth Paltrow: Quiz


Question 1:
What role did Gwyneth Paltrow play in the movie Emma?
Emma Woodhouse
Young Emma
Countess Isabelle 'Izzy' Smith Marlin

Question 2:
What was Gwyneth Paltrow's birth name?
Kate Alexandra Holderness
Gwyneth Kate Paltrow
Bessie Kate Johnson
Emma Kate Lahana

Question 3: [21] Paltrow will play a lead role in the Virus thriller Contagion, which is directed by ________.
Academy Award for Best DirectorSteven SoderberghGeorge ClooneyRobert Zemeckis

Question 4: Paltrow was engaged to ________, whom she dated from 1994 to 1997.
Edward NortonBrad PittMatt DamonAngelina Jolie

Question 5:
When is Gwyneth Paltrow's birthday?

Question 6:
What role did Gwyneth Paltrow play in the movie Proof?
Maureen Boland
Olivia Bernstein
Nina Kutpreka

Question 7: [35] She later told ________ that she could not believe he was with her when she was "such a mess".
Charles GibsonABC World NewsHarry ReasonerDiane Sawyer

Question 8: [3][4][5][6] Paltrow was raised in Santa Monica, she attended Crossroads School before moving and attending ________, a private girls' school in New York City.
Cornell UniversityNew York UniversitySpence SchoolColumbia University

Question 9:
How is Gwyneth Paltrow described?
British television presenter
American author and television presenter
British peer

Question 10:
Where was Gwyneth Paltrow born?

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