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Gwendolyn Graham and Cathy Wood: Quiz


Question 1: They committed their crimes in the Alpine Manor ________, where they both worked as nurse's aides.
Nursing homeElderly careMedicare (United States)United Kingdom

Question 2: Gwendolyn Graham (born August 6, 1963) and Cathy Wood (born 1962) are American serial killers who killed five elderly women in Grand Rapids, ________ in the 1980s.

Question 3: During the trial, Wood ________ her way to a reduced sentence, claiming that it was Graham who planned and carried out the killings while she served as a lookout or distracted supervisors.
Grand juryCriminal procedureMiranda warningPlea bargain

Question 4: In December 1989, Graham was arrested in her hometown of ________; however, she maintained their claims were made as a joke to scare their co-workers.
Austin, TexasDallasTyler, TexasWaco, Texas


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