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Question 1: Guyots are most commonly found in the ________.
Arctic OceanPacific OceanAtlantic OceanIndian Ocean

Question 2: Guyots were first seen by Harry Hammond Hess in 1965 who collected data using echo-sounding equipment on a ship he commanded during ________.
Second Sino-Japanese WarCollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IISoviet occupationsWorld War II

Question 3: A guyot /ɡiˈoː/, also known as a tablemount, is an isolated underwater volcanic mountain (________), with a flat top over 200 metres (660 feet) below the surface of the sea.
Pelagic zoneHydrothermal ventCold seepSeamount

Question 4: Guyots show evidence of having been above the surface with gradual subsidence through stages from fringed reefed mountain, coral ________, and finally a flat topped submerged mountain.
Volcanic arcMarginal seaCurrent sea level riseAtoll

Question 5: Seamounts provide data on movements of tectonic plates on which they ride, and on the rheology of the underlying ________.
Plate tectonicsCrust (geology)EarthLithosphere


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