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Question 1: ________ is often used for these insulators.
PorcelainChinese ceramicsSoft-paste porcelainPottery

Question 2: The individual sections of the guys can develop large charges of ________, especially on very tall masts.
Static electricityElectrostaticsElectric chargeOzone

Question 3: At each backstage insulator, a lightning arrestor in the form of an arc gap (and often additionally an arrestor) is required for the purpose of over-voltage protection in case of ________ strikes.

Question 4: A guy-wire or guy-rope is a tensioned cable designed to add stability to structures (frequently ship masts, radio masts, wind turbines, utility poles, and ________).
TipiBackpacking (wilderness)TentCamping

Question 5: On some mast antennas guys of non-conductive ________ are used.
NylonPolymer chemistryPlasticPolymer

Question 6: A list of famous guyed structures can be found on ________.
List of tallest buildings in the worldList of tallest structures in the United StatesList of tallest structures in the worldList of tallest buildings and structures in the world

Question 7: On a modern sloop-rigged ________ with a symmetric spinnaker, the spinnaker pole is the spar most commonly controlled by one or more guys.
Sail-planYachtSailboatFore-and-aft rig

Question 8: A guy is a term for a line (________) attached to and intended to control the end of a spar on a sailboat.
Textile manufacturingFiberRopeTextile


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