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Question 1: Gutai (________ : Galerie nationale du jeu de paume : Réunion des musées nationaux, 1999) ISBN 2-908901-68-4 9782908901689
ParisMarseilleVersaillesÉvry, Essonne

Question 2: The Gutai group (具体; means "tangible; material; concrete") was an artistic movement and association of artists founded (according to most sources) by Jiro Yoshihara in ________ in 1954.
CanadaJapanCambodiaUnited Kingdom

Question 3: Alexandra Munroe; Yokohama Bijutsukan.; ________.; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
ManhattanNew York CitySolomon R. Guggenheim MuseumHilla von Rebay

Question 4: A formative influence on the later ________ movement, the group was also associated with certain European (particularly French) art world figures such as Georges Mathieu and Michel Tapié, and with tachisme ("art informel").
FluxusNoise (music)Conceptual artNeo-Dada


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